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Wednesday 6-4-14

It was toasty today. This means the heat is coming and water is so important for you guys. In more ways than one, you need it. The most common reason we use is performance and how it can suffer from not drinking enough. The biggest issue is your health and how it can bring on damage to your body if you try to keep up the intensity, in this heat, and not drink enough water. So, please get enough to drink, but just in case, we have started selling water at the gym for $1.

Today is a test day. One we will retest at the end of this month as well, so come prepared to work! Also, there are plenty of modifications for this workout that we’ll have up, so NO EXCUSES!!!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength and Skill: Handstands and Strict HSPU

“Race to 100” 20:00 EMOTM -5 Burpees (we can and will modify this to 3 for those that need it) -with the remaining time, get as many Power Cleans as you can until 100 reps are reached, or as many as possible in 20:00. P: (95/65) F: (75/45)


Dr. Joey Lowery would be so proud of us working the SHOULDER GAINZ!

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