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Wednesday 6-29-16

Alright everyone, time to get back to it.

But, from here on out on the Nutrition Challenge, you’re only able to get a possible 9 points per week. Look for the post on the Nutrition Challenge page for the update.

Also, July 4th we will only be doing 1 class, that morning, that all are welcome to come to. It will be at 9am that day and we’d love you all there.

Swink Intro


-Power Cleans

-Squat Cleans


-30 Power Cleans

Rest 3:00

-30 Squat Cleans


-3×Max Hanging Leg Raises

Swink Sweat

As far as possible in 19:00

-30 Calorie Row

-30 Deadlifts (65#-95#)

-30 Box Jump-over

-30 Shoulder to Overhead (35#-65#)

-30 Pushups

-30 S2OH

-30 Box Jump-over

-30 Deadlifts

-30 Calorie Row

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility

-Glute Strength


Front Squats

-1×3 @75%, 1×3 @80%, 2×1 @83%

-Tabata Strict Press

8:00 AMRAP

-200m Run

-4 Front Squats RX (@65%)

-6 Burpees

Swink Performance

It’ll be up on the board…

Oh boy, those lunges.

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