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Wednesday 6-22-16

If your legs seem worthless, that’s because those sprints tore them up!  The intensity level was high and we love it, good job everyone.

Make sure, if you haven’t yet, to log your workout in and especially put in your 5RM for Deadlift. In order to move forward, you must know where you’re coming from.

On to today:

Swink Intro -Hip Mobility intro -Glute Strength intro

Skill: -Deadlift -Swings

10:00 AMRAP -15 Deadlifts -150m Row -15 Swings

Swink Sweat 20:00 AMRAP w/partner -3 MedBall Shuffles each -20 MB Deadlifts each -20 Mountain Climbers each

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Kipping

For Time: “Jackie” -1000m Row -50 Thrusters (bar) -30 Pullups

Strength: 3 Sets: -10-15 DB Strict Press -Max DB Curls

Swink Performance -If you did not do the GHD Situps and Hip Extensions, do those

-Take the time and do some Mobility, a lot.

-20/arm Turkish Getups


That’s our beast Member of the Month right there!

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