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Wednesday 6-15-16

Today we have a very special guest workout, should be fun….but first:

This Thursday, we are doing a special Hero workout CrossFit has come up with for the celebration of the founding of the United States Army in 1775 and of course honoring all those who have served within the Army and still serve to this day. Come in at 5pm if you’re able to and join us on this celebratory workout.

Swink Intro -Foam Roller intro cont.

Skill: -Pushing/Pushups

10:00 Ladder 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. -Calorie Row -Burpee

Core: -Hollow Rock introduction

Swink Sweat 16:00 AMRAP -16 Double Unders or Singles -16 Deadlifts w/Bar, Dumbbell or Kettlebell -16 Lateral Lunges

Core-for completion 3 Rounds of: -20 Dead Bugs -20 Swimmers

Swink Fundamentals -Back Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Clean & Jerk and efficiency with it

For Time: “Grace” -30 Clean and Jerks RX (135/95)

Strength: -3×Max Hold Ring Lockout (1:00 Max) -Tabata Barbell Curls

Swink Performance Your focus today is JUST Skill work and mobility/recovery

-10:00 working on Muscle-Up transitions/10:00 EMOTM 1-3 Muscle-Ups

-10:00 working on Handstand freestanding holds/Walks


Our girls are trendier than yours…just sayin 😎📸

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