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Wednesday 6-14-17

Over the past week we’ve heard that some workouts aren’t exactly what some want to actually do….in other words, cherry picking. We are not trying to create athletes that pick and choose what they want to do. The very idea of you joining the gym was because it was different or “unknown” and because the whatever you were doing before Swink might have not been working for you. Do not shy away from the unknown or from things that will challenge you. Set the example, be someone who surprises your own self, step up to the plate and handle any challenge put in front of you.

Let it be known, Swink is an archaic word, meant to drudge or to toil. Basically, to work hard. We are Swink, we work hard and we take no shortcuts.

Swink Sweat


-4:00 Abs

(10 Pikes, 10 Bicycles, 10 Flutter Kicks)

10:00 AMRAP

-200m Run

-5 Back Squats, heavy


-4:00 Abs

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


-4×2 Front Squats, first set starts at 85%

-3×10 Bench Press, build across sets

For Time:

-800m Run

-50 WallBalls


3 Sets of:

-15 Bent Over Rows, heavy

-up to 15 weighted “V” shoulder raises

Kids class in full swing again!

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