• Swink Athletics

Wednesday 5-8-13

Dont forget about out event on May 17th, South Bound Throwdown #2!  Also, “Bring a Friend” day this Thursday & Saturday!

Swink Fundamentals 3×10 Negatives* *Again, if you are just “falling” from the top position, stop at that rep or before it happens, you do not have to do all 10 if your form is nasty!

6 Rounds for time of: -20 Weighted Situps -15 Burpees -10 Wall Balls -5 One Arm DB Snatch

Swink Performance Skill: Kipping/Butterfly Pullups* *We are going to spend a good amount of time doing this, so please don’t “one and done” this, actually give it an effort just like we give effort in lifting.

15:00 AMRAP -50 Thrusters (45/35) Then -150m Run Sprint -5 Squat Cleans (155/85) -150m Run Backwards -1 Snatch (155/85)


Austin feeling what the rings can do to you!  They are potent!

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