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Wednesday 5-7-14

We hope you all are keeping up with your Squat Challenge. Remember 5 times throughout the day, do a 30 second squat hold or do any combo of the 5. Keep it up and show us your photos!

Special K practicing false grip WHILE doing the squat challenge. You can multi task for sure!

Bobby doing his squats while away on

. Keep it up guys!!

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Mobility

Skill: Pullups & modifications and Thrusters

“Jackie” For Time: -1000m Row -50 Thrusters -30 Pullups

Swink Performance -Hip Mobility

18:00 of EMOTM for 3:00 -3 Clean & Jerks (95-135/65-95) Rest 1:00 EMOTM for 3:00 -2 Clean & Jerks (135-165/95-115) Rest 1:00 EMOTM for 3:00 -1 Clean & Jerk (165-185/115-135) With remaining 7:00 work to a heavy single Clean & Jerk

Spirit Cheer and Swink CrossFit….SC and SC, huh…Alexa, head coach of Spirit Cheer, got after her first Competition Tuesday and is here to stay!


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