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Wednesday 5-4-16

So, the last 2 days have been fun in a “heavy” type of way. But we have even more fun planned for the end of this week!

Saturday, May 7th: We will have our normal 8:00am Performance Training but will cut it a bit short. At 9:45am we will be doing a workout on-site at Frank Seale middle school track! We want to have you all out for this fun, partner/team workout at their track location. The address is 700 George Hopper Road.


We now have our Massage Therapist in the building! Her name is Laura, she’s originally from Midlothian and she is hooking up all Swink members with a “Swink” price! Check it:


You can call her directly at 469-640-0525 or email her at Go and get yourself or the mom in your life a great gift for Mother’s Day!

Finally, be on the lookout for our Member of the Month – May post tomorrow!

Swink Intro -Shoulder Mobility  -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -WallBalls -Jumprope

8:00 AMRAP  -20 Singles/10 Double Unders -10 WallBalls

Core: -3×30 Hollow Rocks

Swink Sweat Complete the following: -100 Double Unders -80 Speed Skaters -60 WallBalls -40 Pikes -20 Man-makers

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility -Hip Mobility

Strength/Skill: -3×5-8/leg Single-leg Box Step Ups

Complete the following: -50 Ring Rows, feet elevated if possible Rest 1:00 -50 Pushups Rest 1:00 -25 Ring Rows Rest 30sec -25 Pushups

Core: -3×Max Hold L-Sit

Swink Performance Strength (before Fundamentals) -4×5 RDLs, moderate

-4×5 Strict Press, tough

-4×5 Upright Rows, light-moderate

Skill: Power Clean/C&J cycling, working technique and transitions* -3×8-12 Power Cleans, rest as needed, light weight -3×5-8 C&J, rest as needed, light

*it’s not a terrible idea to film this and review it later to see where things go wrong.

Core: -100 reps of your choice (except GHDSU or Hip Extensions)


Come see our girl Laura and get ya a massage ASAP!

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