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Wednesday 5-22-13

We found some solutions for helping the people in Oklahoma. There is a large church in Oklahoma called Life Church and all their relief funds (100%) go to actual relief. They are sending us some info on how to help and we will be letting you guys know what to do if you are able to help out.

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Pullups (kipping) 3×10 Negative Pullups

3 Rounds for time: -200m Row -8 Front Squats -150m Row -8 Deadlifts -100m Row -8 Bar Over Burpees

Swink Performance Skill: Butterfly Pullups

2×7:00 AMRAP -30 Double Unders -15 Pullups Rest 1:30 between rounds


Jess just doing some technique work on a day that turned out to be pretty nice!

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