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Wednesday 5-14-14

What a rough and spicy Competition Tuesday!! Proud of you all who took it on.

Don’t forget the Squat Challenge this week. Do 5, :45 second squat hold with one of the days doing the complete 3:45 in one sitting.

Last but not least, as we start pushing nutrition more in classes, we need you all to be on top of this on your own. We want and need you all to start somewhere and that somewhere is water! As the weather changes weirdly and humidity is up and down, you have to make sure, AT THE VERY LEAST, to drink HALF OF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES OF WATER. If you weigh, for example, 150lbs, you need at least 75 ounces of water. Get on it and no slacking.

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Mobility

Skill: Cleans

Every 2:00 on the minute for 10:00, you must complete: -3 Power Cleans -3 Front Squats

Swink Performance -Hip Mobility

Every 2:00 on the minute for 16:00, you must complete: Rds 1-2 -4 Back Squats @80% -10 Box Jumps (30/24) Rds 3-4 -3 Back Squats -10 Box Jumps Rds 5-6 -2 Back Squats -10 Box Jumps Rds 7-8 -1 Back Squat -10 Box Jumps


Oh you know….

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