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Wednesday 5-1-13

Its the beginning of May and here we go resetting with a fresh month!  New goals and hard work are in your future!  Membership dues are up for May and we plan on having a GREAT month!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Deadlift 3×3 Deadlift

20:00 AMRAP -4x20yd Shuffles -20yd Long Jumps -20yd Walking Lunges -20 Pikes

Swink Performance Skill: Kipping HSPU

For Time: -100 Double Unders -80 Cal.Row -60 Ring Rows -40 Toes 2 Bar -20 Burpees

Today will be tough, mentally more than anything, so get your head in the game before you walk in, and NO ONE skip out after reading your workout!

If you got through NONE of the big words and big names, know that you NEED TO wrap those thumbs around the bar, I can’t say it enough!

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