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Wednesday 4-6-16

So, we just want to apologize real quick for not having the whiteboards with the month and upcoming events done yet. There are so many things we have coming and birthdays we want you to know about. We’ve (Betsy and Andre) moved into our first home and it’s been hectic to say the least. So, trust that we will have it done ASAP.

In the meantime, here’s some things we have coming up.

1) Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) will be at our Monday the 11th evening class times to sample all of their amazing and clean products. We’ve carried their line for years now and stand by them 100%

2) The Post Open Party on the 17th that Janie and Chris are so graciously hosting. It’s a Sunday and begins at 2pm. We’ll post the address at the gym on the whiteboards.

3) April 18th we begin another round of Intro classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30pm. Be sure to let anyone you may know who might be interested in our program about this. It’s 6-weeks long and it’s covers all the work they’ll be doing in a class setting.

4) April 23rd is the Rowdy Run 5K in town and we plan to bring a party to that thing! Details for that will also be at the gym on the whiteboard.

That’s all for now….we think….

Swink Sweat 4×4:00 Rounds w/1:00 rest between -400m Run -10 Burpees -as many WallBalls as possible with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: -Squat Cleans

Strength: -5×(2 Squat Cleans + 2 Front Squats), tough -Accumulate 4:00/5:00 Ring Lockout Hold -Accumulate 3:00/4:00 L-Sit

Swink Performance Before or after the above: 5:00 EMOTM -1 Squat Clean -5 Burpees 4:00 EMOTM -2 Squat Cleans -4 Burpees 3:00 EMOTM -3 Squat Cleans -3 Burpees 2:00 EMOTM -4 Squat Cleans -2 Burpees 1:00 EMOTM -5 Squat Cleans -1 Burpee

Squat Clean should be about 70%


How people act seeing the workout!

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