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Wednesday 4-20-16

Cindy was a tough one but you all did awesome and conquered that b! 😉

Just a heads up everyone, we unfortunately are cancelling tomorrow’s 9am class. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Just for tomorrow, we’ll be back at it on Friday.

Remember everyone, we have rescheduled the get together to May 1st. Same time, 2pm and same place.

Swink Sweat  Tabata Stations: -Battle Ropes -Box Jumps -Goblet Squats -Hip Extensions -Seated DB Press

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Skill -or- Strength (depending on if skill needs work) Clean Complex -4×(1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean)

3 Rounds For Time: -400m Run -10 Clean and Jerks, RX (95/65) RX+ (135/95)

Swink Performance Before or after Fundamentals -Spend plenty of time on the foam roller/lacrosse ball attacking problem areas.

4 Rounds For Time: -200m Run Sprint -20 Cal Row Sprint -Rest 1:00 exactly between rounds

-3×20 Hip Extensions, no weight but slight pause at the top

-3×12-18 DB Bent Over Rows


Team work makes the dream work. We all need each other for support. Don’t ever be silent, ask for help, reach out and talk to one another.

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