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Wednesday 4-1-15

April fools you fools!  Glad to have you all around this month as we plan on introducing and incorporating some new programs and new challenges.

As of today, we will begin to inform you about upcoming events and upcoming challenges we would like you all to partake in.

Challenge #1 April 13 – July 4 This is a 3 Month long physical challenge. It will consist of many things, including a baseline of tests and then a finish of retesting those baselines to see improvement. Consistency is the name of this game.

Do you need to do anything different at the gym? No, not necessarily. We would like and will need a sign up of those of you who would like to commit to this. We will have a sheet for you all to keep that will have places and spots for you to fill out. More on that later. So, if you choose to skip out of the challenge, no harm done, just show up like normal, as you’ll be doing the same workouts.

Challenge #2 April 13 – May 12 Paleo Challenge…..IT’S AN APP!


This is a 30 day challenge that we are encouraging you ALL to enter. Maybe you eat clean now. No worries, this is a way to keep you motivated/open you up to new recipes or ideas.  Need to clean up what you eat?  Great, this is a jumping off point for you. It’s a great way for us as a community to hold each other accountable and be healthier versions of ourselves.  The app is called Paleo Challenge.  It is both on Android and Apple.  Go ahead and download it and become familiar with how it works. Here is a quick video on it:

More updates on challenges tomorrow! Get excited, we sure are!!!

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -THE AIR SQUAT! -Dumbbell Swings

Complete the following: -50 Air Squats -40 Dumbbell Swings -30 Ring Rows (feet elevated if possible) -30 Air Squats -20 Dumbbell Swings -10 Ring Rows

Core: -3× :30 second Superman Holds

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Learn Bear Complex

For Time: -10 Bear Complex -20 Calorie Row -8 Bear Complex -16 Calorie Row -6 Bear Complex -12 Calorie Row

Core: -3×20 Hip Extensions


That squat though! Andrea showing us how it’s done.

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