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Wednesday 3-9-16

Oh man, guys….that workout was TOUGH!!!  Congrats to everyone who accomplished that one.

Quickly, we just want to make sure you guys know something about us, your coaches. Your coaches role goes so much further than just explaining a workout.

We care for your safety.  We care that no matter what, you’re able to show up day in and day out because you’re injury free. Sometimes if we make suggestions or say it would best if you did “xyz,” it’s not because we are holding you back, it’s because we’re looking out for you.

Because we aren’t actually holding you back but looking out for you, please take that into consideration when deciding if you’ll listen to your coach or not. Pretty please. We’re here for you, not against you.

Swink Intro -Shoulder Mobility  -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -WallBalls -Jumprope

8:00 AMRAP  -20 Singles/10 Double Unders -10 WallBalls

Core: -3×30 Hollow Rocks

Swink Sweat Partner workout 18:00 AMRAP 2, 4, 6, 8…etc of: -Calorie Row -10 WallBall throws -20 Mountain Climbers

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Hip Mobility

Skill: -Muscle Ups -Pistol Squats

12:00 EMOTM -1-3 Muscle Ups -3-5 Pistol Squats/leg

Core: -3/side 30sec Weighted Side Planks

Swink Performance -Shoulder Mobility -Glute Strength

Skill: -Rowing

10 Rounds, 1:00 on, :30 off -Max Meters on Rower

Core: -3/side 30sec Weighted Side Planks


16.1 was still an awesome time with all you guys, we’re so proud of everyone. Jordan showing off that chest 2 bar pullup here.

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