• Betsy

Wednesday 3-8-17

Well, only 1 more day until 17.3 and we have a pretty strong feeling we’re going to see something specific. Handstand Walks….so, having said that, this Thursday, come on in at 5:30pm to try and work on your Handstands and walking on those hands. Even if you’re not close, you may gain some ground on getting more comfortable being upside down!

Swink Sweat

Tabata of each station:

-Seated DB Press


-One-legged Romanian Deadlifts


-Russian Twists

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility



3 Rounds For Time:

-12 Deadlifts, RX (225/165)

-12 HSPU


-Work on Double Unders or Kipping for C2B (10:00)

Oh DB Snatches…

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