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Wednesday 3-7-18

One more day until we find out 18.3 guys. Don’t forget, you’re more than welcome to come join us on Thursday evening at 7pm to watch the reveal with us and to even test out the elements we’ll see.

Also, we have a shoe bin in the gym for old shoes that can still be worn without holes and some miles left on the sole. If you have any you would like to get rid of, bring those bad boys in and dump them in the bin.

Swink Sweat

Back Squats:

Warm up sets:

-3×5, 1 @40% 1 @50% 1 @60%

Working sets:

-1×3 @70%

-1×3 @80%

-1×AMRAP @90%

For Time (12:00 cutoff)

10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

-DB Hang Cleans

-Double Unders/attempts

-Leg kick and raise

Swink Fundamentals

-Thoracic Mobility


-5×5 OHS, build across the sets

*work on the full lockout and depth first! Use any tools like a box or a ball to get you to identify the depth needed. Don’t use a weight that won’t allow these things to remain intact.

4 Rounds, not for time, rest between as needed:

-10 Calorie Bike

-5 Pullups/C2B/Bar or Ring Muscle Up

-10 WallBalls

-15 Double Unders

*the focus of this workout isn’t necessarily to make you go as fast as possible each round. Instead, use this time to practice the skills needed to do the pullups/C2B/muscle ups, the WallBalls to proper depth and hitting the target and getting through the double unders. Practice practice practice!

Were gonna see muscle ups in one way or the other…

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