• Betsy

Wednesday 3-28-18

Guys these past 2 days have been awesome with the addition of these movements, we hope you guys like them! Today is no different, we are focusing on structure and balance.

Swink Sweat


-4×10 RDL (each leg)

-4×10 Chinups

10 Rounds of:

-8 Lunges

-6 KB Swings

-4 Ring Rows (tough)

Swink Fundamentals

-Lat and Forearm Smash


-accumulate 2:00 in Ring lockout hold

-accumulate 2:00 in Ring dip hold

*every time your break on these, you have to do either 10 Strict Toes 2 Bar, 10 Strict Leg Raises or 12 Pikes

4 Rounds of:

-25 Side Plank Raises/side

-25 Tricep Extensions, DB or Bands

-25 Jumping Lunges/leg

-10 Pushups + “Spider” Legs

Cool Down:

-2000m Row

The rings shall be our friend this year.

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