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Wednesday 3-21-18

One more day until we find out what our final Open workout is. Who is excited!?

Remember the theme this week is your mascot.

Also, need some more points this week for your team? If they announce Thursday night that we are doing Thrusters or WallBalls, you will have all weekend to do a thruster with an unusual object OR a WallBall with an unusual object. You in?!

Swink Sweat


This week is a recovery week from squatting so enjoy!

Recovery sets:

2 Rounds of:

-1×5 @40%

-1×5 @50%

-1×5 @60%

10:00 AMRAP

-3 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

-6 Burpees to a bar

-9 KB/DB Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals

-Choice Mobility (6:00)

Recovery Workout:

4 Rounds, not For Time, but just to move and get blood flowing:

-400m Run/200m Run if you need to scale

-15 Box Jumps, choose your starting height but increase the height as you go


-Practice, but not too much, C2B Pullups

-Practice WallBalls

-Practice Lunges? Pistols maybe?

Thrusters are coming…

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