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Wednesday 3-14-18

One more day until we find out what 18.4 is everyone. Who can guess…Deadlifts? Chest to bar? Handstand Pushups?

Join us Thursday evening when we watch the reveal and even try a bit of the workout.

Swink Sweat


Back Squats:

Warm up sets:

-3×5, 1 @40% 1 @50% 1 @60%

Working sets:

-1×5 @75%

-1×3 @85%

-1×AMRAP @95%

3 Rounds For Time:

-10 Calorie Bike

-15 Deadlifts, light weight

Swink Fundamentals

-Choice Mobility (4:00-6:00)

Today we just do a little moving and then spend extra time focusing on movements we may see.

Complete the following, not for time:

-50 AbMat Situps

-800m Run

-40 Pushups

-400m Run

-30 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)

-200m Run

With left over time, practice one of the following:

-HSPU, Kipping and keeping the body tight, feet together, heels high on the wall

-Thruster technique, light weight

-Lunges, just focusing on stability

Let’s get after it!

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