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Wednesday 2-26-14

Last day before the Open. Last day to practice any last minute skills. Remember, if you can make it out to cheer us all on who are taking on the Open Thursday night, please do. The announcement comes on at 7, we will be watching it at the gym if you’d like to join us. It’s sure to be a good time….and its not too late to sign up!

Also, we will have Paleo Beef Chili and Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf all ready by the afternoon classes. If you want to make sure you will have one, just message one of us so we can save one for you.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Rowing

20:00 AMRAP -250m Row -12 Dumbbell Swings (45/30) -12 AbMat Situps

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Deadlift and Thrusters

4 Rounds of Tabata with 1:00 rest between.

Tabata= 8x :20on, :10off

Round one: Deadlift (185/155) Round two: Burpees Round three: Thrusters (95/65) Round four: AbMat Situps


Got some new record boards….mwaa haa haa!!

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