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Wednesday 2-21-18

Thursday, 7pm, is when we find out what 18.1 is. We will most likely be watching the announcement for 18.1 at the gym if anyone would like to join us. We may also have a test run or testing the movements that night, so come on in. You can also watch the announcement live at

As for today, it’s Muscle Up day, so let’s go:

Swink Sweat

Back Squats:

2 Sets of:

-1×5 @40%

-1×5 @50%

-1×5 @60%

10:00 AMRAP

-3 Pullups, as tough as possible

-6 Burpees to the bar

-9 DB/KB Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Rehab


-50 Band Pullaparts

-40 Band Face Pulls

-2×50ft DB/KB OH Lunges, right

-2×50ft DB/KB OH Lunges, left


-Pullups/Chest 2 Bar/ Bar Muscle Up practice with the remainder of class + 2000m Row

Check out the new holder of our weights!

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