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Wednesday 2-15-17

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Valentines! It’s going to a fun 5 weeks coming up and we can’t wait to see you all get after the Open. Remember, get signed up ASAP so we can start setting up the teams! Team Black vs Team Gray

Tonight we have Mach 1 Foods coming in to sample their delicious food so be sure to get a bite of that! They’re menu is posted on our Facebook every week if you’re curious on what they offer. Go check em out and come by tonight to try their food.

Swink Sweat

5 Stations for 45sec on, 15 sec off

-Battle Rope/DB Curls Press

-OH Lunges

-WallBall Slams


Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


Front Squats

-2×5 @75%

-1×7 @70%

Tabata Stations:

The goal with today is not only to get a quick and good workout, but also to let you realize how long 10 second rests are. In a workout that is, let’s say, 10:00 long, we all take a break at some point. Ideally we’d like you only to rest 10 seconds. So hopefully today we get a better idea of how long 10 seconds actually is.

12 Rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec off

Rd1: Max Calorie Row

Rd2: Max Air Squats

Rd3: Max DB S2OH

Rd4: Max Pullups

Repeat 3 times to equal 12 Rounds


-Accumulate 2:00 side plank per side

A goodie from last year’s Open.

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