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Wednesday 2-14-18

Don’t forget everyone, Open shirt sizes need to be on the board today. Team Grey has a shirt design and Team Black has a design as well.

Today we also have the Rescue Hydration crew coming back today so if you’re wanting any B-12 shots or Biotin, be sure to give them a shout to get on their schedule.

Swink Sweat


Back Squats

Warm up sets:

-1×5 @40%, 1×5 @50%, 1×5 @60%

Working Sets:

-1×5 @75%

-1×3 @85%

-1×AMRAP @95%

5:00 AMRAP

-50ft MB side shuffle

-50 outside Mountain Climbers

2:00 rest

5:00 AMRAP

-50ft MB side shuffle

-50 crossover Mountain Climbers

Swink Fundamentals

-Front Rack Mobility


-Ring Muscle Up Negatives, 1 rep every 30sec for 5:00


-Squat Clean TECHNIQUE!

EMOTM for 12:00

-1 Squat Clean, build baby build!!

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