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Wednesday 12-27-17

Ok Swinkers, we sure do hope you all had a great weekend with family and friends and enjoyed a little break. Now we get back to it today with what we’ll call a “jump start” to the ol’ system.

Also, be looking for more info on two different things we have coming up. But, our Nutrition/Weight Loss program will begin Jan. 15th with a group class on Jan. 13th to cover everything we’ll be doing.

Make sure to clear you calendar for that day, the 13th so you can learn all there is to learn about this program.

Swink Sweat

20:00 AMRAP

-500m Row

-Bear crawl

-10 Situps

-5 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


3 Sets of:

Front Rack Complex

-4 Front Rack Lunges/leg + 6 Front Squats, add 5-10lbs to last week

-10-15 Single-arm DB/KB Rows on a bench (focus on keeping the elbows back and not shrugging the shoulders while performing these reps)

For Max Reps:

4 Rounds of

-1:00 Max Alt. DB/KB Snatches, RX(50/35)

-1:00 Max Burpees

-1:00 Max Lunges, using your DB/KB holding it anyway you’d like

-1:00 rest

*Your score is how many total reps you get each round. Take your number of Snatches + Burpees + lunges and that’s your score for that round.

We have expanded the rig!

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