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Wednesday 12-18-13

As we get into this week, some things have become apparent and we want to share some things with you.

1). Quitting is never an option. Injury/modification is one thing and having to stop because either of those is ok. But giving up, the physical act of quitting is not ok! We have seen some great things this week, early on too, that makes us ask, “Why don’t they do this ALL the time?!”

2). We cannot physically and mentally help you get past barriers if you are not in our presence. Choose to stay home? Ok. Found another reason not to come to the gym? Ok. Saw the workout online and realized, “I don’t like burpees, I don’t want to go.” Ok. Picking and choosing your battles is like having your mom do your laundry because you just don’t want to. There are things in life we are faced with that we will never want to do, but if you can’t make it work for one simple hour of your day, then how are you supposed to do it in real life?! At your job?! At school?! With your kids or family?! It’s time to put away the excuses and do your own “laundry”!

3). We only ever want the best for you. Everything we do, the workouts, talking to some of you individually about issues or problems in life, or just being the ear so you can vent or rant, its all to help you in some way or another. The LEAST you can do for us is NOT go to the drive thru or show up regularly. We are the cheapest psychiatrist some of you will ever have and we basically can lay out a blueprint for your success. So….try that blueprint out so our words aren’t falling on deaf ears! Again, do your own laundry.

This is not an attack on any one person by any means. It’s meant to inspire, it’s meant to motivate and meant to reach those who are already looking for a way out before they even read the workout!

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility


6 Rounds, every 3:00 you must complete: -6 Ring Rows -10 Deadlifts -150m Run

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

3 Sets of: -10 Bent Over Rows -10 Good Mornings

Every Minute on the Minute For 16:00 Odds: -8 Pistols -4 Hang Squat Cleans (as heavy as is doable) Evens: -8 Pullups -4 Deadlifts


Coach Betsy snatching away!

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