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Wednesday 12-13-17

Well, for those of you that made it in today and got to have the most fun experience rowing, congrats to you all and very proud you all made it through.

Again, don’t forget, this Saturday is the Christmas party, be there!!

Swink Sweat

EMOTM for 10:00

-8-10 Seated DB Press

-8-10 Pushups

EMOTM for 6:00

-30 Mountain Climbers, then max Jumprope with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals

-Quad Smash


-Front Rack Complex

-3×4 Front Rack Lunges/leg + 6 Front Squats, add 5-10lbs to last week

-3× up to 1:00 Handstand hold, RX+(shoulder taps for up to 1:00)

CrossFit Open Workout 16.3

7:00 AMRAP

-10 Power Snatches, RX (75/55)

-3 Bar Muscleups


-3×30 sec side planks/side + scap rotations

The Open. So scary yet so fun…

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