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Wednesday 11-8-17

Hump day is here and for you guys in Fundamentals, bet you couldn’t be more happy to hear you’re getting an accessory day. Sweat, well, you’re gonna SWEAT!

The Member of the Month write up got delayed, sorry about that guys, we had some media issue with it, but it will be up today.

Swink Sweat

18:00 AMRAP

-100 Singles or 30 Double Unders

-20 DB Cleans

-10 DB Bench Press

-5 Weighted AbMat Situps

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


Front Squats

-1×8 @60%, 1×6 @70%, 2×4 @75%

*in between every set & at the end, do 8-15 DB Curls, back against the rig

Accessory for Muscle Up strength, AKA upper body day!

-3×12-15 Banded Strict Pullups/C2B

-3×20-30 Pushups, if it’s too easy, go slower or add weight on your back!

-100 Tricep Extensions & 100 Band Pullaparts

**attempts at Muscle Ups today are encouraged**

The dark place: the place you must go when on the Bike

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