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Wednesday 11-30-16

Alright everyone, we will have Mach 1 Meals out at the gym this evening to sample their foods. We are hoping this will be a staple for us as we have tried this twice before. The idea is that they make the meals, healthy meals, for you so it takes out all the guess work and work in general, helping you reach your goals.

They’ll be at the gym from 4:30-7:30, so even if you don’t come to the gym in the evening, try and stop by to get a sample and more info on their product.

Swink Sweat

4 Rounds of 45 sec on, 15 sec off

-Plate Up Downs

-MB Squat Cleans


-Air Bike

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


EMOTM for 5:00

-3 Front Squats @90-92.5% of 10RM

For Time:

-15 OHS, RX (95/65)

-30 Toes 2 Bar

-60 Double Unders

-30 Toes 2 BAR

-15 OHS

Straight old school picture

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