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Wednesday 11-27-13

Wow, what a day, what a workout! It is crazy to see people push past their what they previously thought were their “limits”! Good job to everyone! Now for the 3rd installment of Partner Workouts.

This 3rd workout does not have to be guy-guy or girl-girl, it can be coed. It is also going to be as fair as possible so everyone has a chance at getting the high score for the day! Again, find someone new you haven’t worked with yet and make them your partner. Be the one who is not shy!

Lastly, we are never too old or too cool to learn something new. When we go over what we want to accomplish with these workouts, as cheesy as they may sound, there is truth to them. Cheering on someone when they only want to give up makes the world of difference. I know when my shoulders starting burning on double unders, my partner said, “You got this”…so I made it happen! Be open, be kind, be supportive, and no matter what, give us your all, in and out of the gym. That’s all we can ever ask of you!

Partner Workout #3 -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

6×2:00 Rounds** w/ 1:00 Rest For Max Reps/Calories -Partner #1 rows for 2:00 for max calories -Partner #2 does Box Jump Overs for max reps for 2:00 -Switch during the 1:00 rest **After the last 1:00 rest, you have one extra 2:00, totalling 7×2:00 rounds. This is to give your team a chance at getting any extra reps to go towards your score. You will both work at the same time to accumulate as many reps as you can in the final 2:00. The movement you will do is burpees!


Love you all!! 😉

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