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Wednesday 11-25-15

Thanksgiving is almost here….we can smell all the food now! 

Don’t forget, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we have a workout at 9:15am and then closed the rest of the day. Also, Friday we are only open from 3-7pm.  Then Saturday, we have a potluck dinner, Swinksgiving!  Bring some goodies/actual food and let’s have some fun!  (BYOB)

The sign up for the 100,000 meter Row challenge will be up by Thanksgiving. It begins the day after Thanksgiving and goes until Christmas eve. Basically, accumulate meters by running or rowing, even in the warmup, and try to reach 100k during that time frame. We’d love you all to join us, to challenge yourself, so sign your name if you’re in!

Swink Intro -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Split Jerk

3 Rounds of: -400m Run -12 Split Jerks

Core: -3×Max Hanging Leg Raises

Swink Sweat Partner Workout Each partner rotates 4x -Run 200m -Rope Slams Rest 2:00 Each partner rotates 4× -200m Run -Full Body Crunch

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -5×2 Front Squat, increase from last Wednesday -3×3 Split Jerk, 75% of last Wednesday’s tough 1 Rep

Skill: -Kipping Pullup

For Time: -800m Run (bundle up!) -40 Pullups

Core: -4×1:00 Side Planks -OR- 4×30 sec Weighted Side Planks

Swink Performance -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Strength: Clean + Jerk Dip -3+1 @75%, 2×(3+1) @80%, 2×(2+1) @85%

Power Jerk -1×3 @75%, 2×3 @80%, 2×2 @85%

Pause Front Squat + Front Squat -5×(1+1) @70%

3 Rounds for Time: -200m Run -15 Ring Dips

Core: -4×1:00 Side Planks -OR- 4×30 sec Weighted Side Planks


We have stickers! $3.50 for one or 2 for $3.00 each. Get one before they’re gone.

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