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Wednesday 11-22-17

Alright guys, one day away from Thanksgiving means we have a little bit of a schedule change.

5:30am & 9am -normal class schedule

4-7pm – Open Gym style with the workout posted for you to do, for everyone to do. So come in and get a fun one done, especially if you can’t make it on Thanksgiving.

Swink Fundamentals & Sweat

-Front Rack Mobility



Front Squats

-1×8 @60%, 1×6 @70%, 2×4 @75%

*if you don’t have a max to get percentages for, no worries, we have a plan!

3×3:00 Rounds For Max Reps, rest as needed

-15/12 Calorie Bike

-6 Muscle Ups/Seated Muscle Ups/12 Ring Rows (Sweat)

-Max Single Arm DB S2OH, switch as needed, RX(50/35)

Oh rings…

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