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Wednesday 10-29-14

Remember to mark your calendars for Nov. 8th at 6pm until all night, for the Swink Family Dinner. At the dinner, we’d love to try and lock down a date for our Christmas dinner/party!

Also, reminder for this Friday evening, we will only do the 4:30pm class. The morning classes are still on for that day. Just no 5:30pm and no 6:30pm.

Swink Fundamentals -Ankle Mobility

Skill: Running

3×200m Runs each for time, rest as needed.

2×400m Runs each for time, rest as needed.

1×800m Run for time.

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -Front Squat, work to a heavy single

-Clean and Jerk, work to a heavy single

-Snatch*, work to a heavy single (if there is enough time) *there is no need to rush through the first 2 lifts to try and get to the Snatch. Make sure you do what is needed to attack each lift, including any mobility you may want to do, resting as needed and any ritual you may need to go through to get that bar up!! Let’s have some fun!!


X’s and O’s!!!!

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