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Wednesday 10-28-15

Man, that workout was tough!  Trust us, Kristen did cause she loves you!  😉

Retest #2 is today. Also, if you ordered any meals for Wednesday, don’t forget them, they’re in the fridge ready to go to a good home!  Here’s a picture of Wednesday night’s dinner:


Green Chili Chicken with Southwest Roasted Vegetables…OK!

Finally, if you ordered Xendurance from Wednesday, it will be charged tomorrow morning. If anyone has an issue, please let us know by texting 214-663-4284. 

Swink Sweat Retest #2

Complete the following: -100/50 Jumprope -90/45 Situps -80/40 Air Squats -70/35 Mountain Climbers -60/30 WallBalls -50/25 Pushups -40/20 Box Jumps -30/15 DB Swings -20/10 Medicine Ball Slams -10/5 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Glute Strength -Shoulder Strength

Retest #2: For Time: -10×150m Row Sprints with 1:00 rest between efforts

Strength: 4 Sets of: -Max time Ring Holds -Farmers Carry & Waiters Walk

Core: -3×30 sec Hollow Body Hold


That Member of the Month Kristen challenging you all by doing that workout, congrats everyone on completing it!

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