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Wednesday 1-4-17

Guys, we’re so pumped about a new year and all the possibilities we have for success, we hope you’re excited for the journey.

For everyone, start thinking of 1 thing, 1 resolution that is gym related so we can post it to the whiteboard. It can be a goal, a mindset, something you want to work on, etc. We’ll post it on the whiteboard and we’ll constantly be reminded on what we want to obtain.

Here’s today:

Swink Sweat

8:00 AMRAP

-2 Bear Crawls

-8 MedBall Cleans

8:00 AMRAP

-2 Bear Crawls

-8 OH Lunges with MedBall

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


-2×5 Tempo Front Squats, 33×1 @70%

EMOTM for 8:00

-2 Squat Cleans, working to a heavy weight


-Accumulate 4:00 in a plank

Remembering the Ranger game we all went to and can’t wait to head to the Stars game with you all!

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