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Wednesday 1-18-17

Alrighty everyone, last day to get you a crewneck sweater as we are putting in the order Thursday morning. There is a sign up on the rolling whiteboard if you’d like one.

We have some pretty exciting events coming in February we’d like you to know about.

February 8th: Tasting of the clean protein line of Ascent Protein. Check em out on facebook and instagram.

February 18th: We have 2 events this day. 1, a company called Virtuosity Shop will be setting up a “Pop up Shop” outfitted with everything you’d want or need for your workouts. From shorts for guys and girls to wrist wraps to hand grips to Jumpropes. Be sure to try and come that morning (Saturday) and help us support them! Second, we have the Stars game!

February 23rd: The first workout of the Open is released! Be sure to get your butt signed up for this as we plan to have the most fun we’ve had to date! We have something fun in store for this year’s Open! Check your Facebook as we have made events for each Friday during the Open. Just go to the Swink page and check the events tab. Click “Going” duh!

Swink Sweat

22:00 AMRAP

-4 DB Bent Over Rows per arm

-4 Single leg Hip Thrusters per leg

-4 Single leg DB Deadlifts per leg

-4 Weighted Situps

Then 8, then 12, etc

Swink Fundamentals

-Thoracic and Hip Mobility


-3×3 Tempo Front Squats @75%, 24X1

“16.2” slightly modified

3 Rounds of (16:00 cutoff)

-25 Toes 2 Bar

-50 Double Unders

-Squat Cleans (15, 13, 11)

RX+ (135/185/225) (85/115/145)

RX (95/115/135) (55/75/95)


-Accumulate a 4:00 plank

Check your Facebook for the Friday Night Lights events!

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