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Wednesday 1-10-18

Well friends, the Weight Loss lecture is getting closer and closer. Just a reminder, it’s this Saturday starting at 10am. That means we have an adjusted Saturday schedule. We will do the normal 9:45 class at 9am instead. Come prepared to take notes and write down info specific to you.

Also, we have a new, unique thing coming your way. We have partnered with a company called Rescue Hydration which has a business in restoring or aiding the body in hydration needs and beyond. They will do things like a B12 or Biotin shot which more of you may be more familiar with. They will also have another side of the business that we will let them explain to you all in person next Wednesday night from 4-7:30. Be sure to tell your friends or family about this because they are not just for athletes but for any person! More on that later but mark your calendars.

Swink Sweat


-3×5 Back Squats, 80% of last week

10:00 EMOTM


-Max Burpees to plate


-Plate Hold

Swink Fundamentals

-Pec/Forearm Mobility


Front Rack Complex V.2

-3×4 Front Rack Lunges/leg + 6 Front Squats + 4 Push Jerks, same weight as last week


-Ring Muscle Up transitions

3-4 Sets, rest between as needed

-10 DB Power Cleans

-25ft DB Lunges

-10 Muscle Up transitions/6 Muscle Ups

-15/12 Calorie Bike

Come hang with us!

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