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Tuesday 9-1-15

Question for you all.

If you want something, what are you willing to do to get it?

We ask this because we know how much of a struggle diet can be. But truthfully, that is the missing link in most people’s training.

Do you want to get stronger? Change your diet.

Do you want to lose some weight? Change your diet.

Do you want to have more energy? Change your diet.

There are few things we can do to in the 1 hour we have with you when you come train at the gym that can better these areas. However, if you don’t help us out by eating cleaner, then the work you do in the gym will be lost, definitely.

We’ve said this before, but think of it this way: we go through a great deal to program your workouts, try to fix your weaknesses, work your mobility, make you faster and stronger and try to provide you with the most info we can regarding training and diet. Why would you not give us the same respect and give us the best you for us to work with. If you’re staying well fed, it aids in recovery, mood, strength and endurance. This all makes it that much easier for you to progress in the gym.

All we ask is that you give us your all, as we give you ours. Stick to it people, we can tell when you workout if you’re eating right or not…you can’t hide it!

Here’s more inspiration of people preparing food:




Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength -Ankle Mobility

Skill/Strength: -Squat Cleans (we will work these thoroughly) -Find weight for workout

3 Rounds of: -800m Run -10 Squat Cleans Rest 1:00 exactly

Pullup Strength: 4 Sets of: -Max Rep Ring Rows Rest 10 sec -Max Ring Row hold

Swink Barbell Technique: -Press in Snatch – 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)

Snatch -H.S. -1×1 @85%, 1×1 @90%, 1×1 @95% (% of H.S.)

Clean & Jerk -H.S. -1×1 @85%, 1×1 @90%, 1×1 @95% (% of H.S.)

Front Squat -2RM


When your kid literally grows up in the gym then you’re setting them up to be so happy!

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