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Tuesday 8-6-13

Make sure you all have your payment in by today. If you have not paid already, you can by following the link to our Payment Page on and click on the “Pay Here” link. Open Gym today from 4-8pm and we are pumped to see what you all get accomplished!

Swink Fundamentals OHS practice with PVC

-3×5 Back Squats

3 Rounds for time: -10 Ring Rows -20 Pushups

Swink Performance -OHS practice with PVC

-Back Squats 1×8 @65%, 1×8 @70%, 1×6 @80%, 1×6 @85%

3 Rounds for time: -15 Ring Rows -30 Pushups


Our 6:30pm class was nuts!  Thanks to everyone who makes what we love doing possible!  It’s going to be another hot one tomorrow, drink yo water!

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