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Tuesday 8-29-17

What a day at the gym!! So many people getting some heavy weights up and setting some PRs! Could not be happier with how you all did today. Let’s keep this train rolling.

So for the past 3 weeks, we have done a 3RM for Squat Clean. Well, today, we are using a percentage of the heaviest 3RM you’ve done over those weeks. So, look up your weight so you can have an idea what you’re using.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


-Toes 2 Bar, modifications

3 Rounds, each as fast as possible/for time:

-20/16 Calorie Bike

-30 Toes 2 Bar

-5 Squat Cleans @85% of 3RM

-10 Burpee Box Jump Overs, (24/20)

Rest at least 4:00


-3×Max Hip Extensions, no weight, high reps

Not “hug the box”, Burpees over the box, silly kid.

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