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Tuesday 8-19-14

What a muggy day it was Monday. Nothing we can’t get through!

We will be ordering any SFH product, including fish oil, FUEL protein, Recovery protein, the PUSH preworkout or anything else you’d like from them. Let us know by either telling us at the gym and paying for it then or sending us a text letting us know what you’d like/need.

We also are ordering more FitAid, PartyAid and GolferAid if anyone wants a case of 24 or just a 4 pack. Let us know if you’d want any of these products too.

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength

Strength: Deadlift, build to a heavy 5 rep

1:30 on, 1:00 off for max reps: Round 1 -150m Run -Max Burpees Round 2 -150m Run -Max WallBalls Round 3 -150m Run -Max Deadlifts (60% of above)

Complete this setup 2 times.


If you don’t track all your progress, you can have no clear path of where to go next. Write that s#!* down! Xtina does it.

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