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Tuesday 8-15-17

Well we have another great day for you guys.

The Team Series is coming up and this year instead of teams of 4, it’s now a partner format. It can be guy-guy, girl-girl or coed. So, grab your partner so we can have some fun. The dates are Wednesday, Sept. 20th – Monday, Sept. 25th for the first weeks workouts and then Sept. 27th – Oct. 2nd for the second weeks workouts. There could be anywhere from 3-4 workouts in each time span so make sure you have yourself a partner you see pretty regularly. Head over to to get signed up!

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility

-Glute Strength


-3RM Clean, 2×3 @90%

For Time:

-its a surprise…


-accumulate 3:00-4:00 L-sit

Get you a buddy!

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