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Tuesday 7-8-14

Something we forgot to mention to you all is this coming Saturday. First off, we will not be having class this Saturday. The reason is because we will be in Cleburne at CrossFit Cleburne for the all ladies competition. Coach Betsy will have her Bites booth setup and we have 3 ladies competing (Meg, Joleen and Xtina). Please, if you are not busy and don’t mind a slight drive, come out to support and cheer the ladies on, they’d certainly love to have you all.

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength

Skill: Running and Pullup modifications

10 Rounds for time with a 20:00 cutoff -150m Run -1 Round of “Cindy” •5 Pullups •10 Pushups •15 Squats


Sometimes it’s just you and the work ahead….attack it. Beau getting after it today, never quitting.

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