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Tuesday 7-30-13

What a day at the gym!!!  Monday had some amazing energy…could it be the CrossFit Games high?!  Either way, let’s carry this into Tuesday and have a successful 5:30am and then again during Open Gym from 4-8pm!  Lets get to work!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Double Unders (D.U.)

12:00 AMRAP -1000m Row -Then- -18 D.U./54 Singles -12 Weighted Situps -6 Dumbbell Strict Press

Swink Performance -Snatch  3x (65% x2; 70% x2; 75% x1) -Clean & Jerk 3x (65% x2; 70% x2; 75% x1)

12:00 AMRAP -60ft OH Lunge walk w/plate (45/25) -10 Box Jumps (24/20) -10 Snatch (115/65)

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