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Tuesday 7-2-13

Alright guys, the upcoming holiday means we are going to change the schedule a bit for Wednesday night and Thursday. Stay tuned as we let everyone know at the gym and on facebook.

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Wall Balls

10 Rounds for time: -150m Run -12 Wall Balls

Swink Performance -Muscle Snatch @40% (of snatch) 2×3 -Power Clean + Clean @60% 3x(2+1) -Deadlift @75% 3×5

6:00 AMRAP -150m Run -12 Ring Dips

Its Open Gym tomorrow, what do you plan on working on?!  What movement holds you back?  What movement have you been dying to get?  Either way, it has to get some attention, make sure to always address your weaknesses!


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