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Tuesday 6-9-15

Awesome day at the gym!  There were a lot of returning faces and people getting PRs!  It’s always fun when we have a full gym and people lifting a lot of weight.

So, let’s do that again, today. Our Swink Barbell class is at 6:15 and lasts for 1hr and 15min. Be there, let’s pack it out, let’s LIFT!

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hamstring Mobility

Skill/Strength: -Deadlift, 10-10-10, heaviest for each set

Skill: -Thrusters

4 Rounds, each for time, rest as needed -6 Burpees -12 Thrusters (95/65) (75/55)

Pullup Strength: -3×5 Negative Pullups

Swink Barbell -Shoulder Strength

Beginner: -Skill and Technique on Snatch, Overhead Squats -Skill and Technique on Clean and Jerk, footwork

Intermediate/Advanced: -Snatch, 70%×1, 75%×1, 80% 3×1 -Clean and Jerk, 70%×1, 75%×1, 80%3×1

We’re keeping it nice and chill and not too technical for our first day, so EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN!


Look at these two, Bobby and Anneliese (with daughter Alesha) finishing off the Mud Run in Cedar Hill. They’re applying their fitness, how are you applying yours?!

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