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Tuesday 6-4-13

Something to look into this Saturday if you are up to no good: Our friends over at All or Nothing CrossFit in Waxahachie are doing an Insanity Run. You’ve all heard of or done the mud runs, well their’s is a run with workouts. And the $15 entry fee goes to Meals on Wheels!  Here’s some info on it: 

Swink Performance Skill: Kipping Pullups

10:00 AMRAP -3 Pullups + 3 Dips (rings or parallettes) -6 Pushups -3 Burpees

Swink Performance (1) 3×5 Weighted Pullups (2) 3×15 GHD Situps

10:00 AMRAP -1 Muscle Up (1 M.U.= 3 Pullups + 3 Dips) -2 HSPU (1 HSPU = 3 Pushups) -3 Burpees

This girl gets her first muscle up….first one ever…and it was at a competition, Regionals non the less!  Motivation!

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