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Tuesday 6-23-15

Sorry for the surprise everyone, but we didn’t want anyone not showing up because of it! Sorry.

Now, on to a topic we’d like you to think about. Diet. Not the type of diet where you starve yourself. What we’re talking about is what you’re actually putting in your body. Health is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and the ingredients within that lifestyle.

Stay seated all day? Expect tight hips. Eat fried foods constantly? Expect internal issues like high cholesterol. Workout and eat a clean diet, free of added sugars, processed foods and artificial flavors? Expect the results you’re looking for.

We’re not going to say we don’t indulge ourselves. However, what our goals are are entirely different than others. While a few of us are trying to actually gain weight, most are looking to lose weight. Start looking into what is actually going into your body and talk with us about it, we want to help!

Finally, there are more and more new faces in the gym. We pride ourselves on being one big family, Swink Family. So, see someone new into our/your gym, go say hey and introduce yourself. First impressions mean a lot to us, so please reach out to new peeps.

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hip Strength

Strength: -Build to 70% of your Deadlift

Every 2:00 on the minute for 20:00 -2 Deadlifts -Shuttle Sprints (explanation at the gym)

Shoulder Rehab -Lacrosse ball

Swink Barbell Technique -Press in Snatch

Power Snatch -2×3 @70%, 3×2 @75%

Push Press -2×5 @70%, 3×5 @75%

Snatch Pull -2×3 @90%, 3×3 @95%

Hip Extensions -3×15


Sweat is growing!

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