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Tuesday 6-13-17

Alright everyone, time to get on this food thing even more. If you haven’t yet, download the Fit Men Cook app. It’ll give you some amazing ideas about eating right/clean and everything is so good too.

One recipe you need to check out is the Roasted BBQ Cauliflower. It is an awesome way to try something new with cauliflower!

This item is a good source of carbs and fiber, so give it a go! Be sure to let us know what you think about this if you try it out.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring/Low Back Mobility



3×2 @90%, 1×4 @90%

3×4 Push Press @80%

For Time:

-20 DB Thrusters, left arm, RX(50/35)

-50/100 Double Unders

-20 DB Thrusters, right arm


-100 Hollow Rocks, everytime you break, you have a 10 sec hold at the bottom of a ring dip

Oh double unders…

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