• Betsy

Tuesday 5-5-15

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! There is still time to sign up for Cinco de Beastmode today! Just go to and join “Swink Athletics” team!

Now, for this weekend, Saturday, we will not have class that morning. Instead we will just have the event that day, at 11:30, for Cinco de Beastmode. Please, if you’re free, come out and support us and bring all your friends and family!

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Ankle Mobility -Hamstring Mobility

3×800m Runs, each for time, rest as needed. *you will leave each 800m on a “:00” time to make it easier to figure out your time.

Pullup Strength: 3 Sets of: -Max Rep Strict Pullups (bands if needed) -Max Rep bar bent over rows (add weight if reps are more than 15)


Liked their shirts, so we snagged a pic…..but this one was not about to be outdone!

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